What happens during an MOT

September 8, 2020 4:43 am


Have you ever dropped your car off at a MOT Gloucester company and wondered what they will check during this compulsory assessment? 123 Car and Commercial provide MOTs in Gloucester and here is their quick guide to some of the areas that are checked during an MOT.

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  • Lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment – these checks look at whether they have been positioned correctly and securely as well being in a good condition and showing the right colour as needed for each lamp and that they can be switched on easily. The horn will be checked to ensure that is audible and creates a continuous noise. The battery will also be checked to make sure that it is secure and showing no signs of leaks. If your vehicle has a towbar this will also be checked to ensure that lights and brakes can still be seen when the towbar is in use.


  • Steering & suspension – checking to make sure that your steering wheel is secure and in good working order and ensuring that the elements of the suspension are in good condition and not subject to corrosion.

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  • Brakes – this requires checking the brakes and the lights. A brake performance test is undertaken to check the efficiency of the brakes.


  • Seat belts – again this check is to ensure that the seat belts are safe and would work in the event of an accident to keep the passengers safe.


  • Exhaust & fuel emissions – checking for leaks in the exhaust system and checking that the emissions and within the safe levels.


Other checks are also carried out during the MOT and you can check the government website or speak to your MOT tester for more information.