10 Steps to Managing Your Cyber Security

April 2, 2020 3:33 pm


cyber security

In an age of reputation-ruining hacks, being complacent about cyber security is not an option for any business.

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Even public sector organisations are at risk, with the web creating a new digital battlefield on which wars are fought.

Here are ten steps to help you manage the risks associated with cyber security and effectively deal with threats.

Get Started

Create a framework to govern how you deal with risk management, keeping it consistent throughout the organisation.

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cyber securitySet Boundaries

To manage risks you have to work out which you are willing to take and which are simply unacceptable.

Engage the Board

Since the company’s board will ultimately be held accountable in the event of a breach, they should be engaged throughout the process of assessing and managing risks.

Embrace Support

Employees and board members alike can be supported as long as there is a centralised policy relating to cyber security which can be followed and referred to when necessary.

Accept Change

Because cyber threats evolve and change as technology progresses, you should also take a similarly flexible approach to assessing and managing risks.

Consider Industry Standards

Regulatory bodies set security standards which must be met, so make sure you are compliant when adopting any system which might be vulnerable to cyber crime.

Utilise Assurance

Schemes which provide certification in recognition of cyber-security-related achievements attained by your firm will not only set you on the right track but provide you with evidence to demonstrate your worthiness to clients and third parties.

Train Staff

Only through education and training can security risks truly be minimised, so make sure that this occurs regularly throughout your organisation.

Change the Culture

The best way to perpetuate good security practices is to make awareness of the risks part of the culture of your business, with a top-down approach working best to reinforce this.

Detect and Report

Cyber attacks can be damaging in a variety of ways, but it is only through breaches being detected and reported to the right authorities that the industry as a whole can fight back effectively. Any damage done to your reputation by a hack will only be amplified if it remains unreported for a protracted period.