History of Calvin Klein Menswear

July 6, 2021 4:35 am


The Calvin Klein menswear has won rave reviews in the world of men’s fashion and it is not surprising to anyone because Calvin Klein is one of the most popular designers and manufacturers in the whole world. You must be very familiar with the brand and have worn their products during your teenage years, as that was the time when you first started wearing menswear. In fact, most people consider Calvin Klein as the icon of men’s fashion and even some celebrity menswear endorsers are spotted wearing their brands. Go to Louis Boyd to join them.

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The Calvin Klein menswear was first launched during the year 1976 and it was so successful that it has since then established its name as one of the top manufacturers of high fashion clothes and accessories in the whole world. Though the brand first began as just a clothing line, they have managed to grow it into one of the most popular luxury brands in the world. Apart from that, the designer also released their second fragrance to great success.

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The redesigning effort was undoubtedly successful as the brand saw huge gains in market share, which they have maintained to this day. This history would indicate that Calvin Klein’s popularity is based more on its high quality, fashionable and sexy designs than anything else. Other than its famous men’s wear range, the brand also manufactures lingerie and swimwear, which have proven to be equally popular among men.