How Important is Customer Feedback to Your Business?

September 7, 2020 2:44 pm


When you have your own business, you have plenty to worry about – from the financial side, to staff and one of the biggest of all, and the thing that makes the difference between success and failure – customer satisfaction.


There are many things that business owners can do to beat the competition and deliver great customer service – from little extra touches provided with a service to ensuring goods are delivered speedily such as by using a same day courier Reading for example.

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But what makes the big difference is when the customers leave reviews. More and more people are turning to internet reviews for everything – from booking a holiday, hiring a builder to ordering lunch and booking the Christmas party – so reviews really matter for you and your business.


One of the best ways to ask customers to leave you a review is via email. Even if you send a survey on a link when you send a confirmation email to them, this is a good way to get customers leaving you reviews.

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Some companies also like to do a customer satisfaction survey – this is useful as it helps you to see where you can improve as business. Because these can be a little more time consuming, many companies offer entry into a prize draw if customers complete the survey – this can be a great incentive to get more people to complete it.


When creating a request for customer feedback, you need to be clear and concise and also know what your goal is and what you are hoping to achieve from this exercise.