How to celebrate your employees birthdays

January 31, 2022 6:23 pm


Celebrating your employees’ birthdays can be a lovely way to let them know that they are valued. It is often these little touches that help employees to feel more motivated and loyal to the companies that they are working for. There are a few different ways to celebrate staff birthday and here are some suggestions for you to look through.

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  • Cake – who doesn’t love a nice cake on their birthday. But instead of waiting for the employee to bring their own cakes in, why not have a standard policy that the team leader will bring cakes in for the team on each person’s birthday?
  • Lunch – if you have a relatively small team you might want to consider taking people out for a work lunch on their birthdays. This could be an opportunity for line managers to get to know their staff better or a great way to encourage some team bonding.

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  • Presents – why not have Corporate Hampers created so that you can give all your staff members the same gift on their birthday. You could have this filled with food and drink or items that will make them smile throughout the day. The possibilities really are endless with this type of gift. It also gives you the option to have your business branding put on the items that they receive.