Planning the Perfect Work Christmas Party

October 29, 2021 2:19 pm


This year we are getting back to normal and of course that includes Christmas. After a tough couple of years, a good Christmas party is something that many staff are looking forward to enjoying, so if you have been tasked with arranging the perfect Christmas party this year, here are some tips to make sure it goes well and is an opportunity for staff to have fun and let their hair down…

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The first thing to do is to arrange the date that is good for everyone. December is a busy month for a lot of people so get it sorted early to ensure that most people are able to attend. Once you have a date in mind or even a choice of two dates perhaps, it is time to start to look for a venue. Depending on the number of people coming this will help you to determine where the party will be held. Have a look around locally, use the internet and also speak to people who may be able to recommend good venues that they have held parties at in the past. When you have a shortlist of places you can then start to ring around and make enquiries to check availability for your chosen date.

Once you have the venue sorted, you will then want to make sure that you have all that you need for the party itself. Depending on how many are coming and the type of venue you have hired you may want to look into things like transport to the venue, as well as medical cover for events such as this in case anyone were to be injured there, or have too much to drink for example! You will likely have a budget, so work out what you need and what you can get within that budget.

Food and drink are one of the most important parts of a Christmas party, so think about what sort of food you will be having – is it going to be a sit-down meal? A buffet? Make sure that you plan ahead and also check dietary requirements such as vegan or gluten free, you should provide alternative meal options for these people. You may want to go for a traditional turkey dinner, or something more exotic – Moroccan or Greek food for example is a nice escape form all the festive fayre at this time of the year. Have a look for caterers that provide the sort of food that you are after.

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When it comes to drink, there need to be non-alcoholic options as well as alcohol! Maybe some festive cocktails and mocktails could be given to guests on arrival, or perhaps you will provide a few bottles of wine and sparkling water for each table if you are having a formal sit-down dinner – work out what you have in the budget and base it around this. You can often get wine deals when you buy in bulk.