Taking Care of Employees Working from Home During Lockdown

February 5, 2021 3:38 pm


Although for many people working from home has been full of positives – time to walk the dog, no lengthy commute and more flexibility for example, for others adjusting to the new work form home lifestyle has been a bit of a struggle. If you are running a company, it is a good idea during this time to think about the mental wellbeing of employees as well as ways that this can be improved.

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Look out for employees that have low productivity – working from home isn’t for everyone and some may be struggling to focus as well as having other commitments such as home-schooling children. If possible, offering more flexible working hours can hugely help with this as long as it doesn’t impact too much on their job.


Make sure that you have a manager or HR representative the employees are aware that they can talk too if they are struggling with their mental health and the change in lifestyle. There are also many helplines out there that can give support, so it is useful to know these and provide them to employees who are having a hard time at the moment.

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Although we cannot physically meet up in person at the moment, why not get a company such as this events agency Dublin based Davis Events https://davisevents.ie/ to help organise an employee get together virtually so that the team building is still going on and people can have some outside of work social contact.