The Benefits of Building Surveys

April 9, 2021 4:23 am


A building survey is a broad ranging inspection of any property and is often used for new properties, but more commonly used for older properties, new buildings, properties built in an unusual manner, irrespective of age and many more. It is very important to get a building survey done before you start work on your property. A Building Survey Birmingham company such as Sam Conveyancing should complete this for you to ensure it is completed correctly.

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There are many reasons why such a survey is required, including the fact that they give the architect or builder a chance to spot any major problems which could lead to future work, and allow them to make changes before they go through with it. This is also the case when you are buying a house from someone and want to know about his or her history.

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The survey will show what conditions the house was in when it was built and tell you what kind of living it was like, whether there were any major accidents or what kinds of problems arose during construction, and also let you know if there are certain defects in the original build, that are now present and need to be corrected. This could potentially save you money in the future.


You will find there are many types of building surveys, including ones for domestic and commercial properties. You can even get commercial building surveys, to find out about the condition of commercial properties. Such surveys are important, both as a means of getting a mortgage and ensuring your safety. Therefore, building surveys will help you in many ways, and you should consider obtaining one for whatever type of structure you are planning to erect.