What do you need to work in care

December 2, 2020 4:30 am


In nursing homes, in the individual’s own home or in the neighbourhood, care workers may operate. Care staff, personal assistants and healthcare assistants have other related positions. In terms of life skills, such as shopping, cooking, budgeting, housing advice and various forms of emotional support, these individuals may also support people. Supporting people with everyday activities, which may include physical and social activities, as well as personal care, mobility assistance and food, is a main part of the work.

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The work that you do can be for a health care agency or as an employee for a local authority, NHS trust or private organisation. There are lots of opportunities for Gloucester Support Worker Jobs at Take 5 Healthcare.


Living in care staff spend time living in the home of the client. The individual may have been considered insecure to be left alone in their own homes, but they would prefer to remain in their homes. It may be on a long or short-term basis, like day or night respite care or help over the weekend.

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Personal assistants tend to be directly hired by people who determine what they want you to assist them with. In the morning, you can be asked to help them get ready, go to work, or do household chores such as cooking and washing, social events, and attending appointments.


You will deal with many different individuals, including adults with learning disabilities, people with physical disabilities, issues with drug addiction or mental health disorders, and others who are older and ill.