Medical trials of the past

July 30, 2020 10:40 am


Clinical trials are an essential part of modern medicine, helping in fighting various diseases. They are an important step towards taking a scientific theory and turning it into a better and cutting-edge treatment for patients. Trials have been involved in the progress of many new therapies and drugs for many conditions, but when was the first? Here are some examples of early medical tests that are part of human history:

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One early medical experiment is detailed in the Book of Daniel in the Bible. In 600BC in ancient Mesopotamia, King Nebu Babel wanted to compare two different approaches to a problem and check the results. Half of the King’s soldiers were instructed to only drink wine and eat only meat to see if it increased strength and their readiness to fight. The others were told to eat mostly vegetables for 10 days. After the test period, he noted that those who had eaten vegetables were in much better shape for those who lived on a diet of wine and meat. This information was used to diversify diets for the entire army.

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While this is an early example of a medical experiment, the first controlled clinical trials occurred in the 18th century. James Lind was a surgeon on board a ship who became interested in the high mortality rate of scurvy among sailors. Using the most common remedy, he did experiments and trials in accordance with the criteria for modern-day medical experiments. He gave cider to some sufferers, vinegars to others and citrus fruit to the rest.  lemons. Within days, the patients who had received the fruit were back on active duty!