What are the Health Benefits of Sex?

October 7, 2019 1:55 pm


sex benefits

As if you needed any additional reasons to be enjoying sex, it turns out there are actually health benefits too! Get your protection in place to guard yourself against STIs and unwanted pregnancy, and you could be doing your wellbeing a real favour! Here are some of the main advantages to getting ‘active’ with your partner.

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Stress relief

Studies have shown that regular sex can improve blood pressure, lessen stress responses and help to handle anxiety. So it actually provides a real boost for your mental wellbeing, as well as being a great physical activity. Similar studies also show that it can boost self-esteem and help patients who are dealing with mild depression to see the positives in life again.

Immunity support

Some studies have shown that people who have sex at least once or twice a week have higher antibody levels that boost the immune system. Funnily enough, though, the same study showed that participants who were having sex more than three times a week didn’t reap the same benefits, so perhaps it is a case of quality over quantity? Either way, it’s certainly an enjoyable way to fight off the common cold this winter.

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When you have sex with your partner, you produce oxytocin at the point of orgasm. This love hormone releases feelings of intimacy and bonding – as well as relieving stress. Oxytocin is linked with better sleep and pain relief, so it’s well worth looking for a natural boost. Remember, though, that oxytocin tends only to be released between couples who have emotional feelings for each other, so you might not get the same benefits with a fling!

Calorie burning

As for calorie counting, energetic sex counts as exercise. A half-hour session with a few acrobatics thrown in can burn up to 250 calories! Possibly a far more appealing way of getting fit than slogging it out at the gym… just remember to stay free from unwanted germs.

Heart health

Sex can even be beneficial for heart health, with studies showing that men who don’t have regular sex are more likely to have higher rates of heart disease. This could be because of its exercise-like effects that cause a heart rate increase and faster blood flow.