Having a good clearout before Christmas

September 28, 2020 2:26 pm


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Late Autumn is a great time to have a clearout of your home and garden in time for the winter period and Christmas. Over the year we will have accumulated vast amounts of stuff whether from gifts that have been bought us or plants that have died and need removing.


Let’s take a look at how best to start your home clearout.


Planning – make sure that you are not having a clearout the day before you are having a large family gathering or dinner party.You want to give yourself plenty of time to be able to go through all you items and you might also want to contact a Carmarthen skip hire company to have a skip ready on your driveway for the big clearout.

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Sorting – the best way to sort through your items is to pick one room to start with and take all your items off your shelves and out of drawers and place it in a central place in the room. This means that you can wipe down all your furniture storage and then start to work through the piles of items in a logical manner and place items back on the shelves etc that you want to keep. You can then make a pile of anything that you are going to donate and another pile of the items that need to make their way to the tip. You then simply repeat this until you have covered all the rooms that you want to clear out.