How Do I Go About Buying Laminate Flooring?

April 6, 2020 2:08 pm


laminate flooring buying advice

Laminate floors come in a diverse range of finishes, colours and textures to suit any room and any budget. With a long-lasting and durable finish, laminates will still look good when a solid wood floor needs to be refinished. If you choose the right laminate for the right room, then you’ll enjoy beautiful flooring for years to come.

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Why Choose Laminate?

Solid wood and stone flooring offer a timeless beauty, but they’re costly and difficult to install and have ongoing maintenance costs. Modern laminates can accurately mimic solid wood and stone finishes at a fraction of the cost for an affordable and low-maintenance finish. Top property developer Sarah Beeny recommends high-quality laminates for an instant facelift.

Choosing Laminate: A Room-by-Room Guide

Lounge: laminate floors are a top choice here and for good reason – durable, low-maintenance and easy-care, laminate comes in a huge choice of styles and finishes to suit any decor. Try timeless oak, rich chestnut, luxurious walnut or grey-toned hickory to be bang on trend. Wider planks are also very contemporary.

Dining room: this practical flooring is ideal as it can cope with a variety of food and drink spills. Choose a light flooring for a contemporary look or something darker and more traditional.

Kitchen: the super practicality of laminate is a perfect match with a high-traffic area like a kitchen. If you like the industrial country look, go for a wood laminate. Or choose slate or stone effects for a modern feel.

Landings and hallways: you’ll need a hard-wearing floor for these high-traffic areas, and laminate fits the bill very well. Pick a classic finish like oak for a light, bright and elegant finish.

Bedrooms: you can pick any style you like for a bedroom, as these are low-traffic areas. Go dark and dramatic with walnut and opt for a wide plank effect for an effortless feeling of space.

Bathrooms: solid wood is a no-no in a bathroom, but a high-quality laminate that’s rated for bathroom use will give you the effect without warping or moisture damage. Tile is a traditional choice but laminates give a warmer underfoot feel. They’ll also work with underfloor heating for the ultimate in bathroom luxury.