Oak Beams Are Durable And Strong

July 1, 2021 3:42 pm


Oak beams have a rich history but today, these beams are used extensively throughout the United Kingdom. For many years these beams were built using simple hand tools and because of their lightweight they are easily moved from one place to another. Today we use state of the art power tools and computer aided design to make building a beam much easier than it was in the past. It is important that you use a reputable company like Timberpride when sourcing these kinds of beams.

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This is the most popular of all the oak beams available and is the preferred choice of many contractors and homeowners because it is available in a variety of sizes and cuts. The main problem with these beams is that due to their short length they need extra support. The length of these beams is usually between two to three feet, and they can also be easily added onto other beams. The main advantages of this type of beam are that it is affordable and readily available, however, it does require extra care around the edges of the wood to prevent splinters. If you are looking to have a beam custom made to your specifications you should request advice from your local timber supplier.

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If you are looking for something a little more solid than the above then an Oak Beams board is the choice for you. These boards are constructed using high quality oak wood which has been treated to give them extra strength and durability and because the board is solid it will resist all types of impacts. Because of its durability you can take it with you when moving house or building a new home as well as use it for shelving within the home or in your garden. Oak wood has been used for centuries across many cultures due to its characteristics, which include resistance to insects and moisture and being strong and stable.