Planting a Tree in Your Garden – Choosing the Right Tree and Caring for It

November 23, 2021 4:45 am


Although the fact that the whole world faces a climate crisis and the governments of the countries must make changes, it is also something that many people as individuals can fight too. There are lots of things that we can each do to reduce our carbon footprint and help the environment – from using the car less to recycling more.

A really great way to help the environment is also to plant trees. Trees are a vital part of life on earth and there have been many cleared away over the years. They are essential for the air that we breathe as well as for a habitat for many species of animal which encourages biodiversity. So, planting a tree or a few trees in your garden can only be a good thing!

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Choose a tree that is suitable for your garden – The first thing to do is to choose the right tree for your garden. There are lots of things to think about here, such as the size that the tree will eventually grow to and what type of soil you have. If you have a smaller garden, choose a tree like a Rowan that doesn’t tend to get so large. You might also want to stick to native species, as not only are these much easier to care for but they are also a natural habitat and food source for native wildlife.

Planting the Tree – Once you have chosen the right tree for your garden, you can buy it and plant it. The best time to plant a young tree in the ground is in the autumn when the tree is dormant, and its growth will not be as affected. When it comes to native trees, they don’t tend to need much in the way of watering unless there is a very long dry spell, but weed control is important during the first few years of the trees life so do keep an eye on this.

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As the Tree Grows – Watching a tree grow is a wonderful thing to do, but as it gets larger there are things that you can still do to make sure that it is healthy. Take care of using a lawn mower too near to the base of the tree which could cause damage to it, and also keep an eye on its growth. It may occasionally be necessary to have the tree cut back a bit – this is something that you should really have a qualified tree surgeon such as this tree surgery Gloucester based company do as you could risk the health of the tree and also your own health by trying to climb up and cut it back yourself! When the tree is young, you also might want to place a tree guard around it to keep it protected from damage, and you could use stakes and ties to keep it supported upright.