Signs You Need to Replace Your Timber Decking

November 26, 2020 4:01 am


The main cause of timber decking becoming rotten in places is not the weather, nor is it from the weather being too hot or cold. All you need to do to avoid rot on your decking is to have your deck painted and sealed every year to maintain its value. If you take your decking seriously, it will last longer but there will come a point when you need to replace your wooden decking at some point in time. For more information on timber cladding and Oak Feather Edge Cladding, visit Timberpride, suppliers of Oak Feather Edge Cladding

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If there is excessive water seepage from your decking, then you will need to have the water removed or treat the area where the water is coming from. You can use a water repellent to stop the water coming into the deck and prevent the wood from cracking. There are also some very high-pressure washers available which will stop the water getting into the decking. If there is a build-up HYPERLINK “” of dirt in your decking, you will need to take out this excess with a mild detergent and a sponge. Use a soft cloth to gently push out any excess so it doesn’t clump together and become a breeding ground for mould.

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You will need to have your wooden decking thoroughly cleaned every two years with a good deodorizer. Make sure you use a mild cleanser as any strong cleaners could cause the timber to be weak and crack easily. You will also want to periodically inspect and clear away any leaves that have accumulated on the decking. You should always look for large patches of bare wood as these are a sign of rotting.