The Best Spiky Plants to Protect Against Intruders in your Garden

June 23, 2020 2:27 pm


As the lockdown in the UK starts to come to an end, we will all be once again heading out of ours homes to our various jobs, to school and to meet up with friends and family. This is great news for us but it is also great news for burglars, who have been finding it not as easy to operate during lockdown.

There are lots of great ways to protect your home from intruders, including home security alarms and camera systems, as well as getting a professional such as this locksmith Dublin to fit your doors with secure locks.

As many burglars like to  enter your home through the back garden there is another thing that you can do to stop them – grow spiky plants along your perimeter – here are some of the best plants to put in your garden to keep your home safe from burglaries…

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Holly – As well as being a festive favourite, holly can help you protect your home from burglaries. It’s pretty red berries and dark green spiky leaves are the perfect deterrent to a would-be burglar and will provide you with seasonal colour at Christmas.

Hawthorn – The plant that heralds Springs arrival is not only useful, it is also very pretty. Producing a beautiful blossom display in May, as well as providing a good source of food for small garden birds such as blue tits.

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Sea Buckthorn – Although this prickly plant is usually found near the coast (hence the name) it is hardy and does well inland too. It is also tolerant of the cold, so you don’t have to worry about the frosty nights!