The Importance of Draft-Proofing your Home

July 21, 2020 12:24 pm


When we are enjoying the glorious summer weather, we don’t give much thought to keeping our homes warm. But this is the time that we should be considering doing exactly that – and one of the main ways that our homes lose heat is through windows that need to be replaced. In the winter months, there is nothing worse than sitting next to a drafty window, not to mention the fact that you will spend a lot more on your heating bills if you are losing heat to the outdoors.

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If your windows are quite old, the chances are they are not that good at keeping your home warm. Over the last few years, windows have become much better at keeping the heat in – a professional glazier such as theses glass suppliers Bath will be able to advise you on what will be best for your home, but it is worth looking into how your windows can best keep the heat in.

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There is really only one way to stop the problem of drafty windows properly, but there some temporary solutions that you can use until you can have the windows replaced. A draft excluder may be helpful – this is one of those long pillows that you place on the windowsill under the window which can prevent some of the draft from coming in.

A plastic window wrap is another way that you can temporarily make the windows less drafty. This is a plastic covering that wraps around the window, making it less drafty, but they really are temporary, so don’t rely on it as a long-term fix.