The Power Of Flowers

July 1, 2021 3:38 pm


June is the month of the year that awards us all with vibrant displays of beautiful flowers. The seeds and bulbs that have been underground all seem to burst out and nature puts on a stunning display. Flowers are something that can always uplift and cheer someone up – a beautiful professionally made bouquet from a florist Tewkesbury like the Flowershed can be a delight to receive for a birthday, and also a great comfort to someone who is bereaved – a symbol that someone is thinking of them and something beautiful to get them through the hard times.


Flowers have long been revered by humans. Their beauty and their individual unique attributes have meant that they are not only admired for their good looks. Some flowers are known to have the ability to calm and soothe – lavender for example is a well-known sleep and relaxation aid, whereas chamomile is made into a tea that is beneficial to someone feeling anxious, panicky or depressed.

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Doctor Bach was interested in the power possessed by plants and trees and devoted many years of his life to investigating the different effects that flowers had on humans, and how he could capture their essence to create various remedies for different states of mind. Many people today swear by the remedies of Doctor Bach.

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Even the flowers that are deadly have had uses in modern medicine – deadly nightshade is one of the most poisonous wildflowers, but its toxins have also been found to be of help to people suffering from some conditions.