Turning your garage into a safe play space

February 16, 2022 3:37 pm


You’ve just bought a new home with the services of Conveyancing solicitors Birmingham based Sam Conveyancing and you want the new Garage converted for extra space for the children.

The garage can often take up a lot of space in your home. If you do not use your garage for storing vehicles, it could be an area put to much better use for a growing family. With some fairly easy additions and changes, your garage could be turned into an inviting play area that your children will be thrilled to use all year round.

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First steps

The first thing to do is to improve the flooring to make the garage more comfortable. Often garages have concrete slabs as the floor, and this is a great base for a variety of materials. Make sure the concrete is immaculate and free of dirt or grease. Repair any cracks or imperfection to ensure a smooth surface. Tape plastic over the concrete and leave it for a day to see if a moisture barrier was installed beneath. Water on the plastic means there is no barrier, and you will require an application of polyurethane to the concrete to protect your flooring.

Then choose what to put down – some underlay could add softness and provide some warmth. Carpet tiles are a choice as they are easy to lay and easy to replace if damaged. Wood or a wood laminate could look stylish, especially if rugs are added.


Heating and adequate lighting will also be necessary for a comfortable play area. Consider wall lighting, and extra outlets so children can use electronic games, watch television or charge devices.

The finish

The walls and ceiling will need attention too, depending on what is there already. Fit insulation, followed by plasterboard, or if the walls are already plastered, then insulation that can be blown between the layers as an alternative. If the interior walls are nice and smooth, then painting will be the final touch. Naturally, you will need storage areas, such as cupboards and garage shelving.

Leaving the garage door as it is will not enhance the appeal of the new play area. Think about replacing the door with something more attractive, such as French glass doors, which will let in plenty of light.

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