What Is Mechanised Irrigation?

August 24, 2021 6:53 am


This is a question asked by many gardeners who are considering having an automated system to irrigate their land, as well as professional commercial growers. Basically it’s an irrigation system that can be used with either a pump driver or line to drop water from a water source.

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So why would you want one of these systems? The main benefit is that your lawn or plants will thrive better and be healthier. By fertilising your lawn and plants, and then watering by means of a sprinkler system you can prevent your plants from drying out and going into a dormant stage. As a result, the roots of your grass get oxygen which promotes them to grow further, and the root networks become stronger as a result. In turn this means that your grass grows longer, thicker and the turf also holds more water, thereby increasing the overall health of your lawn or plants. For advice on Water Irrigation Systems, visit Irrigation UK, a supplier of leading Water Irrigation Systems

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Another advantage is that these systems reduce the amount of water that has to be used watering each plant. With traditional irrigation systems you have to remember when each spray is required, watering can become a real pain, especially if you need to water close to the base of the plant. Additionally, the amount of water that the pump dispenses can become a real issue if you have very heavy water usage in your area. In addition to this, you have to keep an eye on the pressure levels, because if there’s any spillage, it’s going to take up more water than it should.