Why Was Asbestos Used in Construction?

August 20, 2020 6:22 pm


When asbestos began to be used in the early 1900s, it was used for many different reasons. These included insulating, fire proofing, and even waterproofing. It is because of these numerous uses that the use of asbestos became so prevalent. Asbestos is still in many buildings today to provide these many benefits, although it’s danger to health once disturbed is now well-known. For Asbestos Removal Birmingham, visit a site like TES Environmental, a provider of Asbestos Removal Birmingham.

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The use of asbestos in the construction industry is mainly because it provides a fire-proofing property. Asbestos is a naturally occurring substance found in many different types of rocks and soils. Asbestos has a very unique way of being able to absorb heat and light that can cause fires. In order to prevent these types of fires from spreading throughout the building, it was imperative to have an asbestos fireproofing. Fireproofing is also used to protect the building from damage and/or deterioration due to moisture. If moisture is allowed to penetrate the building, it can cause damage in many ways. It can weaken the integrity of the building and can cause the roof to collapse.

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Asbestos has a variety of different uses, and it is great for providing many benefits to those who are interested in these benefits. However, it is no longer considered an acceptable form of insulation, and as such is no longer used in construction. However, its use in the construction industry was due to its qualities as a material that offered numerous benefits.