Common Misconceptions About a Day at the Races

July 28, 2021 5:02 am


A day at the races is something that many people enjoy. If you have never been before, you may have preconceptions about how it will be, but many people who go for the first time are pleasantly surprised by how much there is there to enjoy, as well as the obvious gambling and opportunity to win big, which his of course what most of us associate it with!

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A race day is a huge event, and as well as the horses and jockeys, stable helpers and of course bookmakers, there are also waiting and bar staff, stallholders and event medical cover like Outdoor medical solutions who all help to ensure that the day goes to plan and is enjoyable.

Another thing that many people think is that it is not somewhere that you can take children. However, in many cases this is not true, and in fact lots of racecourses, such as Cheltenham racecourse have days not only where children are allowed in, but also where they provide lots of family entertainment such as a funfair and shows to keep them happy throughout the course of the day.

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Something else that people can sometimes think is that you have to dress up for the races with a big hat and high heels – in fact, this is not recommended! Race days can often be chilly and much of the ground is grass so sensible shoes and a smart jacket to keep the chill at bay are the best attire for a day at the races!