Coping with Life Under Lockdown

May 29, 2020 1:14 pm


As many of us are still confined to our homes during lockdown, people are starting to feel the stress of the whole situation. If you have to work from home, you may have had to adapt quickly to this new arrangement and if you have young children, caring for them and being teacher as well as parent is a very difficult juggling act. There are a few things that you can try to help ease the burden or make life a little easier during this difficult time.

If you are struggling to concentrate on work, try to find a place where you can be in peace and quiet. Many people have garden offices which work really well, enabling you to be separate from the rest of the house, which stops any distractions. Even if you have a room that you can change into your office that works well. Keep it as office only, try to remove household clutter and think about keeping a peaceful atmosphere such as with soundproof windows from this double glazing Gloucester based company.

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For the whole family a schedule is important and having one can help enormously with dealing with the situation. Write out a schedule the night before so everyone knows the next day what is going on. Include family time and fun activities, as well as housework and chores.

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Coming up with things to look forward to is another important way to help. Whether it is a family game together, a trip to the seaside or a family quiz via Zoom, having something to look forward to is important.