How to Improve the Signal on Your TV

August 31, 2021 4:47 pm


Learning how to improve the signal on your television will make a difference in how many channels you have to choose from and how good your picture looks. The first thing to consider is where your aerial is currently located. A TV signal will be better if an aerial sits outside as the signal doesn’t have to pass through walls. This is important if you are receiving a poor signal from an aerial in the loft.

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Positioning an aerial higher up is generally a good idea too. This is why aerials are often seen on chimney stacks, for example. This helps because the aerial doesn’t have to struggle trying to find a signal through trees and other properties. Some properties might benefit from a mast to get the aerial higher. For help with TV aerial repair Gloucester, contact a site like

Some aerials are more sensitive to aligning than others. Aligning can be tricky and is a job best done by a professional. High gain aerials often require quite precise alignment, so if you’re still struggling with your signal, contact a TV specialist for help.

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The quality of the coaxial cable can also make a difference. A great deal of signal could be lost as it travels down this cable. A copper conductor coaxial cable is recommended for achieving the best possible signal from your television.