How to Make the Most of Christmas in 2020

November 2, 2020 3:29 pm


Although 2020 has been a strange and troubling year for most people all over the world, it is finally coming to an end. Before the end of the year though comes another important celebration – Christmas!


A time that is usually busy with crowds of shoppers, groups of families eating together and packed theatres in panto season looks a little different this year – but that is no reason not to celebrate it! In fact, before Christmas the druids would celebrate this time of the year as despite the long dark days, the lighter ones were coming – which is a thought that we should all remember this year in particular.

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Although we may not all be able to meet up, it is important to keep in touch. Try to organise virtual festive meet ups with family and keep a particular eye on people who may be feeling lonely at a time of the year when it is traditional to get together.


Spend time enjoying Christmas traditions that you can enjoy, rather than dwelling on what you can’t do – a walk in the wintery woods, decorating the tree and enjoying mince pies are all things that we can do this Christmas!

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When Christmas shopping, concentrate on quality rather than quantity and think about what people like – for example,  a Gill Parker bronze animal sculpture is the perfect gift for a wildlife lover, or a home brew kit is great for someone who is missing evenings in the local pub!