Protecting Against Falls as we Age

August 22, 2020 7:32 am


As we get older, we need to take more care with things than we did when we were younger. Looking after ourselves is increasingly important as we age, and to increase our chances of living a happy and active life it is important to ensure that we keep fit and healthy and take care when doing activities that may cause an accident.

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Of course, illnesses cannot be helped, and everyone can get poorly from time to time, but one of the things that can cause a lot of pain and distress in elderly people are falls.

There are activities and exercises that you can do to keep your strength up, and to give you good balance. Yoga is great for this, as it is not too strenuous and can be tailored to your needs. You could do online yoga classes specifically for elderly people for example.

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Most falls happen in the home – sometimes they can be bad enough to result in a hospital stay. If you have fallen a few times severely, a doctor may recommend that you may go into a care home as it could also be a sign of an underlying problem – some care homes such as these dementia care homes Leicester by Sanders senior living, specialise in caring for people with illnesses like dementia, which could be the cause of falls.

There are some ways that you can make it less likely that you will have a fall in your home – remove carpets with fraying edges and rugs, have everything you need within reaching distance, and make sure there isn’t anything on the floor like wires.