Small Changes you can Make to Fight the Climate Crisis

October 5, 2021 6:22 am


As the climate crisis worsens, it is important that everyone makes some changes to how they live in order to help fight it. Although governments and scientists are working on ways to improve things, as an individual there is a lot that you can do too to help. Small changes like these to your daily life will make a big impact…

Making small changes to eating habits is a great way to make a big difference. Choosing to eat local seasonal produce means that your food will have travelled much less miles and used less resources. It is also a good way to support a small business. You could even start your own vegetable patch or allotment. Eating less meat is also good – meat uses up a lot of resources to farm and produce.

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Think about the products that you buy. Have a look for a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic items – for example, something as simple as a toothbrush will have a non-plastic alternative, like this bamboo toothbrush from it is also possible to buy things like shampoos in bar form, so that you have none of the plastic packaging with it.

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In your home you can also be energy aware. Think about how you use the electricity in your home – replacing the lightbulbs for energy saving ones is a great idea that will really help. You can also wash clothing at lower temperatures and do away with the tumble dryer and use an airer to dry the clothes in your home.