The curious case of Alias Jesse James

June 16, 2022 4:34 am


There are not many films about Insurance salesmen. However, they can be very entertaining when they are made. They generally centre around the mis selling of policies, and that’s something that, an Insurance Brokers Bath based company, will make sure the is correct.

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Alias Jesse James is a western comedy, as you would expect as it stars Bob Hope. Hope plays Milford Farnsworth. Farnsworth is a useless insurance salesman in the Wild West. In a typically bad move, he sells life insurance to the famous outlaw Cowboy Jesse James. Given that James enjoys getting in gunfights and robbing banks and trains, this might seem an unwise move.

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Things get worse for Farnsworth when he is mistaken for James. The outlaw realises that if he gets rid of Farnsworth, he can claim his own life insurance.  The real icing on the cake is when Farnsworth falls in love with James’s betrothed, Cora Lee.

This love is returned, and the two decide to try and hatch a plan to escape the clutches of the James gang. When James is about to marry Cora Lee, Farnworth pretends to be the Vicar. He and Cora Lee try to escape but get involved in a gun battle with the James Gang. They are aided by famous western characters and Hope’s best mate Bing Crosby. They escape, and Farnsworth gets to run the insurance company without fear of the James Gang.