The Gardens for God or Gods

September 28, 2020 2:23 pm


The garden in religion is extremely important. It is not just the Christian religion where there is a garden, In most cultures the walled garden appears as either place that we humans are either banished from, aspire to get to by living a good life or just generally try and create to gain a certain degree of mindfulness. Whatever the purpose you can bet that a few Briggs and Stratton Parts from would have been a, excuse the phrase, godsend. Here they are in no particular order

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  1. The Garden of Eden. The first place that humans were born into and the first they were banished from.The Garden was a paradise where there was not hurt or hunger. Every tree and every plant flourished there and we all knew true peace. Shame then that we decided to eat forbidden fruit (not necessarily an apple) from the tree of knowledge.


  1. Bahai Gardens. These terraced gardens are found in Israel and are essential to the Jewish faith. They are attempts at recreating the garden of Eden. They feature the formal style of garden with ordered plots and temples.

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  1. The Mughal Gardens of Pakistan and India. These gardens are all about illustrating the links and co existence between human beings and nature. The Hindu and Muslim faith are very centred on such aspects, they feature canals to bring water to the plants and illustrate life’s pathways.


  1. The Zen Garden. From Taoisim and Shinto this belief is about the world in harmony and balance. Here even sand and rocks can be decorative as the gardener makes a swirl and pattern around them.