What are the best trees to climb?

September 7, 2020 2:41 pm


It’s something that you never really grow out of and, to be honest, it also relates to our ancient ancestors. This is the noble art of tree climbing. It’s one of the many things that the National Trust encourages you to be before you go to Secondary School. That’s all well and good but what are the best ones to climb in the first place? Here is a little guide for you. One thing that is certain, a Southampton Timber Merchants would suggest that you get some planks for them and turn it into a treehouse as well!

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Before we begin a word on safety. You do not need to get to the very top. Make sure that you are not so high as to be dangerous. Climbing trees is great for developing motor skills and hand eye coordination as ascents can take a far bit for planing and stretching. Here are the trees to go for.

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  1. The weeping willow. Weeping willows have long dangling branches that can get very thick. The main advantage is that they also grow low. This allows you to get some good leg ups and you’re not too far from the ground.
  2. Crabapple trees, Don’t eat the crabapple but do climb up it. The Crabapple has long low branches which again grow quite thick. Get yourself into a spot near the trunk and you have a great reading position.
  3. The mighty Oak. Strong, thick and with nicely spaced branches this is the Daddy of the tree climbing world. Find one and have some fun.