What Colours Affect Your Emotions?

April 7, 2021 6:45 am


The question of colour and how it is perceived is very subjective. Therefore the problem with asking yourself this question though is that you’re not going to be able to give an absolute answer because each person is different and reacts differently to different things. What may affect you greatly as someone else may not affect you as much as some other person would.

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However, it’s still important to find out what colours are good for you to use because there are some powerful colours out there that affect our mood and inspire us to succeed. For example, red and yellow are both very popular colours that bring about energy, excitement and good luck. They’re also good colors if you want to attract people who like you and want to be around you. It’s also a good colour to decorate if you want others to see your good side and positive traits. If you wear a red shirt all the time then it will show that you care about being positive and attracting the right kind of people to you.

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Blue and green are popular colours because they give people peace and tranquility, which are what people need in order to get through their day. When we’re calm our moods lift and we feel inspired and good about ourselves. In fact, most of us are more drawn towards such colours than any other kind. So, if you’re having problems or difficulties, it’s a good idea to decorate with a shade of blue or green to get through it and help you through! Just as JS Decorating a Painter Cheltenham based company for service and advice.