What is an Influencer and How do they Make Money?

November 7, 2020 12:14 pm


When we use social media apps like Instagram, Facebook YouTube and Twitter, we will usually come across some of the many influencers who earn a living by using Social media. Most of the world now uses at least one form of social media but there are plenty of people making money from it due to its popularity and ability to reach people all over the world quickly.


So, what is an Influencer? An influencer is someone who makes money by promoting brands, products or companies online and is paid by that particular company to promote something. They often will work with PR agencies and can promote more or less anything. In fact, some PR agencies specialise in certain things like this food PR agency Leapfrog PR.

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Influencers have to have a lot of followers to be successful at their jobs. When they start out, they may not be paid in cash straight away, but companies may offer them money off, discount vouchers or freebies instead. Of course, the influencers who are the most successful can earn a lot of money – look at the Kardashians and how much they make from social media promotions alone.

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On Instagram for example, a professional influencer should have over 10,000 followers to be able to make any money from their job. As well as money, some successful influencers can also enjoy free holidays that they can then post on their social media to entice people to go to that particular destination. So, influencing on social media is more or less advertising 21st Century style!