Where does the Beaufort scale come from

December 3, 2020 3:14 am


In the post enlightenment times around about the start of the Victorain era there was a great rush to discover and quantify everything in the name of science during the 1800’s. The work of Darwin had put the greatest pressure ever on the belief in the Christian church and it seemed that there was going to be an answer coming for everything. Suddenly the world was being measured and marked and the strength of Wind power was no exception to this rule. This is a good thing as it lets you know if you need to employ Roofing Cheltenham based company Storm Roofing.

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Enter one Francis Beaufort. He had had a lot of experience with wind and the power that it can weld as a Royal Navy officer on the latest version of the HMS Woolwich. Beaufort was a hydrographer. This is someone who makes notes, charts and sketches of the sea, coast and all its characteristics. Being out on the deck all day trying to draw the coastline Beaufort noticed that the wind had certain strengths that could either give a cool breeze or rip the drawing pad from his hands. He also saw that the reports the navy gave of wind varied. What someone would call a strong wind, others would count as a gale.

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Beaufort creates a scale of one to twelve that standardises the measurement of wind making it easier for everyone to understand. It means that we can all agree as to when we need to start taking special measures for protection and also if it;s great weather to go and fly a kite.