The world of Birch trees

August 24, 2020 2:37 pm


All trees are very versatile but one that really stands out is the Birch tree. We have found a lot of uses for it’s wood. Being an angiosperm the Birch tree is very numerous in the UK. They need care like all trees and this is where Benchmark Tree Surgeon in Essex can be of great service. This Tree Surgeon Essex based company can be there to sort out any issues that a tree can incur. What interesting things can we learn about the handy Birch tree.

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  1. It’s hard to imagine but there are 60 different types of Birch. The most notable is the silver birch. It’s sap can produce wine!

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  1. One of the reasons we get so many Birch trees in the UK is they love the environment. Our damp mild year along conditions are perfect for them as they love moist soil and hate dry ground.
  2. The average life of a birch tree is 50 to 60 years but if the environmental conditions are right then they can go up to two hundred years old.
  3. Another average is its height. This can be an impressive forty feet. Some varieties like paper and yellow can get up to eighty feet.
  4. Birch is popular as it’s bark is easy to strip off. Squirrels and beavers love them as they provide excellent food options.
  5. You can easily spot a Birch from its flowers. Being an angiosperm it learnt that this was the best way to increase itself via pollination. The Catkins it produces act as a great attractor to pollen spreaders.