Cheltenham Town, The Home of the Festivals

June 1, 2020 2:29 pm


If you live in and around Cheltenham Town, Gloucestershire or even the rest of the Country you will have heard of at least one the many Festivals that take place in the Spa Town of Cheltenham.  The Horse Racing Festival, The Music Festival, The Literature Festival, The Jazz Festival, The Cricket Festival or The Science at Home Festival.

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You can easily purchase tickets on-line for any one of these magnificent events, experience the thill of the racing and the galloping hooves of the horses as they thunder around the track.  Listen to the famous authors as they describe how they got inspiration for their latest books.  Enjoy the live bands as they play to the throngs of excited spectators and get hands-on with the Science and Home exhibition.  Sit back and watch enthralled as the Umpire takes control of the Cricketers and shouts “How’s That” as the fast bowler tosses in his spin. If you do experience any difficulties with the booking process then contact Cheltenham IT Support, get advice from companies such as and get any tickets you require.

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One of the more unusual festivals held in the Town is the Balloon Fiesta Festival, this exciting extravaganza of Hot-Air Balloons fills the skies in and around Cheltenham during the month of August this year.  The three days of this spectacular event starts with a magnificent fire-work display and then is filled with excited spectators as they wait for the hundreds of Hot-Air Balloons to take to the skies.