Common Problems with Laptops and Their Solutions

September 6, 2021 4:30 pm


We rely on our laptops a lot for work and personal use. This can mean that they rarely get switched off and are overused. This can cause a range of problems that if ignored, get worse making it even more of a disruption when the laptop is unable to perform as we need it to. Here are some common problems with laptops along with their solutions. If you find that the problem with your laptop is too serious for you to fix, give it to a professional to look at. For Laptop Repair Gloucester, visit

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Problem #1:

The laptop heats up, or the fan makes a lot of noise and then it shuts down. The fan portal can suck in dust and particles from soft materials and when moved around a lot. This can limit the air intake to the fan and cooling system.

To prevent this, use it only on flat and hard surfaces. You can clean the fan using compressed air. Make sure not to run too many programmes at once so your laptop doesn’t have to work so hard.

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Problem #2:

Your laptop runs slowly. This is very common and extremely frustrating. It could be caused by lack of space on the hard drive or a sign that the hard drive is faulty. There are several ways to speed up your laptop such as transferring documents and photos onto an external hard drive and using anti-malware software to get rid of possible bugs.

Problem #3:

Your laptop’s battery does not last. It may be great that your laptop is wireless, but the battery will die eventually. If you often push your laptop to it’s last limits, or you never switch it off, the battery will most likely be overworked. The best thing to do is to drain it completely until it dies and then charge it.