How do you make silicone rubber?

May 26, 2020 3:23 pm


Silicon rubber really is a major modern miracle. For decades industry, retail products and the medical profession had been reliant on natural rubber produced products or synthetic ones. This was fine but the rubber degraded slowly over time. It also meant that for people with allergies to latex and rubber it became unusable. Silicone rubber mixes silicon with carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Chemicals are added to the mixture to give it certain other properties.

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Silicone moulding UK companies use the substances in vast quantities to create all sorts of items for industry. Some of the best features of silicone rubber is that it is extremely moldable and resistant to both extremes of heat and cold. It is also very stable and does not react to other substances as some synthetic rubbers do.

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Before it is made into the items that you want, the mixture takes the form of an adhesive gel. Like regular rubber, it must be cured for a while with a variety of other chemicals added to it. It is poured into the mould in the gel state where it sets.

The use of silicon rubber products extends to baby’s dummies, cooking moulds for cakes etc. It is also used for sportswear.