Plasma Coating is an incredibly useful technique for protection

May 28, 2020 1:42 pm


Specialist equipment for industry, exploration, or components that are to be used in harsh environments need protection. When they are expected to work in conditions such as the vacuum of space or at over 100 feet below the sea, the onus is fully on protecting the device and its components so that it can function completely without any issues.

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Using a thermal spray coating of the subject provides this protection. This involves systems such as plasma, wire or Electric arc. One of the other’s is the extremely impressive High Velocity Oxygen Fuel coating process, or HVOF as it is known for short. Such companies like specialise in such practices with decades of experience in it’s application.

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The process for coating begins with the subject blasted so that it takes on a coarse surface. This deliberate act gives it an exterior that is in a much better state to take the coating when it is applied. Once this blasting is complete the plasma coating process begins. The coating material is reduced to an almost molten state and then applied via a gun. As soon as the coating makes contact with the surface of the subject it cools with the contact. This process is repeated continuously until the degree of cover desired is reached.