For the love of Saint Patrick.

January 25, 2021 4:35 pm


One of the best-loved and most well-known patron Saints of any country is that of st. Patrick. st. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. This great man has quite a story behind him and how he came to be the most respected st. in the country. His story begins not in Ireland itself but in England in the Dark Ages.  Patrick lived just off of the Irish Sea. On a clear day you can see Ireland and as he was out fishing one day one of the many raised that the Irish did caught him and his crew and took him back to the country to be a slave. Patrick was very young but he was also very intelligent. He soon began to learn the language of the Gaels who lived in Ireland. as he slowly bided his time behaving himself and doing as he was told he began to formulate a plan to escape.

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Eventually slipping away from his enslavers Patrick was able to Stowaway on board a pirate ship and was able to return to England. relieved to be back on home soil he immediately made the long journey back to his home Village. He settled down and visited his family and began the life of a farmer however he was also interested in taking religious orders and eventually became a priest.

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The Pope in Rome was keen to bring the Christian word to the  Irish. His Emissaries asked Patrick to return  with the full backing of the Roman Catholic faith to see if he could convert them to Christianity. Patrick accepted the offer and returned to Ireland and with a mission. He soon began to win over the locals converting them to the word of this new God. He explained the Holy Trinity to them by using a shamrock, something that grew all around them. His greatest miracle was to banish all the snakes from the country and there are none there even to this day. His day is widely celebrated and St Patricks Day Gifts are available from