Being a great teaching Assistant at an Excellent Junior School

April 27, 2020 2:48 pm


Having previous experience of working with or supporting children is essential if you are thinking about becoming a good Teaching Assistant at any thriving, Ofsted rated Junior school. Your passion and genuine love for helping children will be obvious to the Head Master and other teaching staff at your chosen school. You will need to work alongside the specific Teacher in your Class and provide help and support to all the children that require it.

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It is the Teachers role to make sure the children learn the set curriculum and to prepare and complete all the lessons, your position in the classroom is to encourage the Teacher and support the children in achieving their highest potential. Talking to the children is similar to the role of a Motivation speaker in the UK, you will work alongside the teacher making sure every child is fulfilling and achieving their set goals.  A company such as could help you when it comes to talking to and inspiring your class of young, inquisitive children.

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Be prepared to be a comforter, first-aider, compassionate listener, relationship advisor, shoe-lace tier and confidante as well as supporter of the teacher in the classroom.  Helping with subject preparation, photo-copying, laminating, trimming, work marking and other essential duties is a day to day challenge. Being able to multi-task is crucial, as is being kind, compassionate, unprejudiced, firm but fair.  A rewarding and amazing role that will challenge you and keep you inspired until the day comes for you to retire.