Car maintenance tips you should know

May 12, 2020 2:44 pm


Each year thousands of motorists take their cars to a MOT Gloucester company such as for its annual road safety check. This MOT looks at key areas of the car and certifies that the car is in a roadworthy condition. However, throughout the rest of the year it is important that you take care of your car and look at some key maintenance tips.

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It is important that you regularly check the pressure in your tyres and have a quick look round them to look for any visible signs of damage. You also need to check the tyre tread to make sure that you are within the regulation limits. You can buy special gadgets to help with this or you can use a one pence piece.


You need to ensure that you check your lights, preferably before any night time driving and at least once a week. Any bulbs that are on their way out should be replaced as soon as possible and you should never drive with a broken lightbulb.

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Windscreen wipers

There is nothing worse than having a windscreen wipers that doesn’t clean your windows and it can be incredibly dangerous so make sure you also check these at least once a week.