Christmas Traditions in the UK

October 22, 2020 12:03 pm


Christmas is a time to embrace all of the favourite traditions of the season as a family and look forward to spending time with loved ones and the year ahead. These are some of the favourite and most popular Christmas traditions in the UK…

Christmas Trees – Introduced to the UK during the reign of Queen Victoria, these are one of the most enduring and popular traditions of the festive season. Decorated with brightly coloured lights and decorations, the evergreen trees signify the light and life that can still be found and enjoyed in the depths of the dark and cold winter months.

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Pantomime- Going to the panto is a widely enjoyed activity during the festive season in the UK popular with both young and old alike. All over the country, places like this panto Preston, throw open their doors to people coming to see the traditional panto dames, shouts of ‘he’s behind you’ and of course Buttons!

Christmas Dinner – Complete with Christmas crackers of course, this is the ultimate dinner of the year. A chance for the whole family to gather around the table and enjoy the eagerly awaited feast. Crackers are then pulled and inside them are usually jokes, a paper crown and a small toy or game.

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Christmas Pudding – Following the Christmas dinner this is the traditional pudding to eat, as well as having many rituals and traditions linked to making it – for example, the mixture should be stirred east to west as this was the direction that the wise men travelled in to see Jesus in the manger.