How does drain lining work?

April 22, 2020 4:52 pm


Drains are essential to our everyday way of life, taking away waste products from our homes to be safely disposed of and providing our homes with fresh clean water. But there are times when issues can arise with the drainage pipes. This can be from general wear and tear based on the amount of time that the pipe has been in the ground, through to roots from nearby trees and other damage occurring.

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Repairing drains can be long, hard and expensive work, especially if it means digging up large parts of the road, sectioning of the pipes and replacing whole sections. This is where a Drain Lining Company such as can help.

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Drain lining is a way in which damage such as cracks and splits to the original drain pipe can be repaired relatively easily, in much quicker time and at a cheaper price. Essentially the original drain is given a polymer lining that is inserted from an access point in the pipe. This polymer lining then adheres to the inside of the pipe providing it with a second skin and acting as a new pipe exterior in areas where cracks may have appeared. This allows the pipe to function as normal whilst only reducing the diameter of the pipe by very little.