How does your office reflect your business branding

May 11, 2020 3:30 pm


Branding is much more than your business logo and business cards. It is a reflection of the entire culture of your business and the way in which you promote yourself can help to strengthen your brand which in turn will result in higher sales and therefore profits at the end of the year.

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The way on which your office is set up can have an affect on your brand. Here are some ways in which your office can reflect your business branding.

  • Organisation – if you want your customers and suppliers to trust your company and to know that you will do a good job for them you need to project this in everything that you do. Having an office that is cluttered with paper and employees’ desks disorganised will damage this reputation. It portrays the company as unreliable and likely to forget or lose things.

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  • Company colour scheme – as a part of your logo design you will have selected colours that are representative of your brand. It is important to carry these colours through into your office decoration you can even find Reception Chairs that will fit in or perhaps add some branded pillows to each Reception chair with your company logo on.