How to build your own home on a budget

June 15, 2020 1:16 pm


You might think you need to win the lottery to be able to build your own home. However, it is easily achievable, even when you’re restricted by a budget. Here are some tips for keeping the costs down when you’re building Custom Build Homes.

Build Small

The bigger you build, the more the cost so think small in order to come in on budget. The good news? Even a small self-build is normally much bigger than a developer built home of the same type. Don’t assume that a bungalow will be any cheaper. They have the same foundation size and cost, as well as the same roofing material and size. The only real extra cost is the first-floor walls but for such a small difference, why not build a much bigger home?

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Choose a simple design

Complex designs will use more materials and labour, adding to your costs significantly. A simple Georgian-style box style design keeps costs low and still looks beautiful for a family home. Find out more about Custom Build Homes from a site like IFurb.

Minimal groundworks requirement

Finding a plot of land that is already serviced and nicely flat will be a sensible way to prevent costs from spiralling. The less groundwork that needs to be carried out, the less your initial outlay will be.

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Beware of unexpected costs

The key to protecting your budget is to understand the less obvious ways you could be increasing your costs. The longer the job goes, the more you’ll pay for facilities hire, scaffolding and insurance, for example.