Informed Customer Choices through the “Which” magazine and Brand.

August 4, 2020 7:10 am


Promoting informed Customer choices and testing products on behalf of the consumer is the registered Charity “Which”.  Offering anybody the option of independent advice, highlighting inferior products and bringing incompetent tradesmen and shoddy work practises to the attention of the people.  The “Which” magazine is available monthly and was first published in October 1957, it is financed mainly by subscriptions and the Consumers Association are the biggest subscriber with over 573,000 contributors.  Carrying out rigorous testing on services, suppliers and goods, they confirm safety, reliability, value-for-money, performance and energy-efficiency.

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Apart from picking apart bad customer experiences “Which” also feature the U.K.’s best products and services and companies such as who specialise in Flat Roof Repair Bristol strive to be highlighted by “Which” as it would show them as the truly professional, trustworthy Company that they are.  “Which” hold an annual gala award event that has featured the best of the best, cars, restaurants, financial services and supermarkets and the winners receive a super trophy that they can show off to future clients.

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There have been many weird and wonderful test subjects featured on “Which” including; Paper Dresses in 1967, Bird Seed for Budgerigars in 1959, Contraceptives in 1963 and Pets in 1977.  Under the “Enterprise Act” of 2002 the Consumers Association has the power and authority to take action against rogue traders on behalf of the consumer and they can bring to the Office of Fair Trading a super-complaint, only one of eight elite organisations able to do this.