Most watched shows of 2019

May 11, 2020 3:34 pm


There are hundreds if not thousands of television shows on each week that draw in viewers from all over the world. Of course how clearly you can see these will depend on whether you have used the services of a TV Aerial Installation Cardiff comapny such as to have your aerial fitted.

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Here are some of the top shows shown in 2019.

  • The Masked Singer – creeping in at joint 5 who would have thought that a show about guessing who the singer is behind some elaborate costumes would be so popular. Week after week people tuned in to see whether their guesses were right and of course the panellists always kept us laughing with the antics and comments.
  • Games of Thrones – whether you loved or hated the final season of the Game Thrones there is no denying that it drew in visitors. It topped the most watched list in 2019 and it is thought that over 35% of households in the country watched the show. Now that’s a lot of viewers!

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  • The Big Band Theory – although 2019 saw the end of the hit show people still keep coming back for more as streaming services such as Netflix report it is still one of the most popular programs watched on their service.