Men like Denim. It stands the test of time.

January 5, 2021 1:51 pm


Ever since Denim was first woven as a hard wearing fabric for working and labouring in Men have wanted to wear it. It’s also managed to appeal  to women as well but in the beginning it was the clothing of a Man’s man. Mish Mash Clothes from offer a great range of choices. Denim is one of the main staple products in fashion. It has been in fashion for decades, but every year, the common trends and colours shift. Once upon a time, low-rise jeans were the biggest trend; now, they are available in very few shops – and even skinny jeans are becoming less popular.

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The most common trend has been skinny jeans for the past five years; while they’re still flattering and stylish, they’re no longer stylish. Thus, baggy trousers are back in style; therefore, it is time to swap the skinnies for a little more space for something. We’re not talking about jeans that are so baggy that you almost tip over, just a broader leg that looks more mature and comfortable. The look is sophisticated and mature, not to be confused with the style of your “dad” in the 1980’s or 90’s.

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A broad selection of light-washed denim and shirts with a casual, summery vibe are now made by most jeans designers. From almost white denim to a soft light blue, you can pick from a wide selection of light colours. While this look fits great for both jeans and tops, if you are confused about the theme, you can go with a light top. Darker jeans or chinos will quickly be modelled with this. If you’re interested in buying high-quality jeans, look at the link above for Diesel.