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Why are Diamonds a Girl’s best Friend?

Most Women Love a piece of Sparkly jewellery and having the chance to wear it to a special function where they can proudly show it off to friends and family

Interesting recycling facts

As more and more of us become aware of the impact that we have on the environment and search for ways to decrease this the need for recycling both for

Informed Customer Choices through the “Which” magazine and Brand.

Promoting informed Customer choices and testing products on behalf of the consumer is the registered Charity “Which”.  Offering anybody the option of independent advice, highlighting inferior products and bringing incompetent

Why locum insurance is so important

A locum can be defined as a group member or a person who can be appointed in replacement of another staff member who is unable to complete his or her

Learning to Drive During a Pandemic

The UK lockdown has affected many things in our lives, and one of those is learning to drive. If you were on the way to getting your own driving license

Medical trials of the past

Clinical trials are an essential part of modern medicine, helping in fighting various diseases. They are an important step towards taking a scientific theory and turning it into a better